Hunger Breaks

Ready in 2½ mins. The classic meal in a can is a unique, satisfying meal to enjoy with a minimum of fuss and maximum convenience. It tastes so good. From an All Day Breakfast to a Big BBQ enjoy these popular meal choices which are ready in minutes. And you’ll still have time to save the day. Whether it’s one of our milder chillies or our Volcanic variety, we have the perfect partner for your rice, spuds or tacos. The range’s ingredients include pinto beans and chipotle. So your Tex-Mex will be authentically Texy and Mexy. And can be ready in minutes. Let’s face it: when we’re hungry, we’re not at our most patient. Or is that just us? Anyway, relax. From Bolognese to Tikka, it only takes a minute and a half to prepare our range of delicious Hot Pots. Taking ages in the kitchen: who wants that? That’s time you could be spending eating. Our Hot Pots, Bean Meals and Chilli Meals are three tasty routes to satisfy any hungry hero in no time.

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